Andres Jordan, Innovator, Internet Evangelist, Mentor, Angel, Design Thinker

Life’s mission is to mentor and empower innovation and creative mindsets to drive positive change and accelerate solutions to wicked problems. Andres is a passionate expert in innovation management from having directed multiple journeys building innovation capacity via corporate, startup and consulting domains. He is a digital thinker fascinated by the new and his career has evolved from being an active participant in the building of the internet, to advising organizations on how to innovate in the digital world.

Public speaker and thought leader with over ten keynotes. Topics: Cultures Macro and Micro, Digital Transformation, New Trends, Innovation Best Practices, Design Thinking as an engagement tool, Entrepreneurship, Startups.

Delivery Languages: Fluent: English & Spanish.

Photography by Andres Jordan —Washington, DC, 2018

Photography by Andres Jordan —Washington, DC, 2018


Andres’ clients range from research institutes such as Fraunhofer to incubators such as Mach37 to China Telecom, the largest telecom operator in the world. His passion for innovation ecosystems began in 2006 when he co-founded an innovation lab for a $1 billion business unit of Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile. In his charge as VP of Innovation he deployed a model of his creation, which he continues to improve from emerging best practices and new learnings. His industry leading efforts have been recognized via collaborations with universities including UNAM (Mexico), GMU, USC Marshall and via invitations to speak at prestigious organizations such as The Milken Institute, UNDP and Frost & Sullivan.


Andres is also a culturalist. He has worked with European, Asian and Latin American cultures and this experience has allowed him to amass considerable know-how at the cross roads of innovation and differing cultural dynamics. He is an active public speaker, thought leader and author. He holds a Masters in International Business and a BS in Finance. He recently received his Design Thinking certification from UVA. Andres is currently completing a book on the emboldening impacts of innovation ecosystems. He resides in Alexandria, VA, in the Washington DC, USA Region.